Herbs parasites in the body

In humans, the parasites may be the reason, dirty hands, fruits and vegetables, contact with an infected animal or a human, eating meat and fish that fail to sufficient heat treatment. Shoes, the body is made of helminth medicamentul means. If for any reason this is not possible if the herbs used in parasite.

Infestation signs

unwanted guests

Since the first signs of unwanted guests falling body symptoms, of entry year. During the weakening of the immune system, human, serious illness, wolf know themselves. Why do some people significant harm, the patient's vital organs, heart, liver, brain.

Depending on the type of noise, localization and custom symptoms of the disease are different. But almost all characteristic:

  1. Fast fatigue and weakness;
  2. Nausea and vomiting;
  3. In the form of allergic reactions on the skin, blackheads and irritation of the skin;
  4. Weight loss;
  5. Heartburn;
  6. Gas;
  7. Bad smell;
  8. Itching in the anal region hole.

Any of these symptoms immediately to the hospital for treatment are diagnosed with the disease. If the infecting parasites, and if approved to continue with a method to get immediate treatment and cleansing of the body.

drugs with high toxicity to humans, and apply them to the patient all the categories. Therefore folk remedies used, the efficiency is known since ancient times. Our ancestors have used herbs for treating intestinal worms.

Herbal teas

Herbs that can be used for treatment. There are many recipes, herbal blends, and lists the most effective ones:

  1. A strong tea. You will need to prepare yarrow, oak bark and leaves and eaten пижмы pelin, St. John's wort, and chamomile. The same proportions as required to mix all the ingredients – 1 teaspoon pour two cups of boiling water. Obtained twelve hours every morning and drink the tea leave to infuse 100 ml, about 10 days a course of treatment for this tool you need to take a break after ten days. Then, repeat the course.
  2. Let me describe next, brush the body, three kinds of herbs. A single piece of charge, wormwood, cloves 1,5 and 3 Piece пижмы. You will need a cup of boiling water 1 tablespoon vegetable mixture. You will need a tool to release a couple of hours. The medicine on an empty stomach three times a day for three days.
  3. And worm grass and chamomile mixed with 1 tablespoon (bark) and the wormwood bitter, 2 tbsp. l. The resulting mixture is poured boiling water (2 tsp 200 ml.). you need to get to cool and drain well before bed tea in the morning and 50 ml. And this vehicle starts to move quite quickly, the course of treatment is not more than 5 days.
  4. Bitter wormwood. Equal amounts of the herbs used. Buy the Volume 2 teaspoons boiling water is poured over 400 ml mixture, and bring to a boil over low heat for 15 minutes tantalized. The obtained drink tea, before a meal, for 14 days.
  5. Prepared medicine, dandelion root, knotweed, thyme, wormwood, cloves and пижмы. All components are taken in equal proportions. 2 tablespoons imported tools are needed to brew 0,5 liter and boiling water is poured over 40 min. Car, cool and drink 2 tablespoons every hour for 14 days.

The tool to clear the body of parasites is a challenge that is valid for the three components:

  1. A nut shell;
  2. Dried mugwort;
  3. Молодая clove.

Tincture to cook, need a broad-spectrum clear, 15 nuts, is poured into the shell obtained, and 0.5 liters of alcohol. When a bright and warm place tincture in a month. You need to use the tool in the morning on an empty stomach. Starts 1 drop/100 ml of distilled water. Your daily dose is increased to 1 drop. 1 week, daily dose of 1 teaspoon to brew. Throughout the year the amount of such a drug you need to drink.

Wormwood complex tincture must every day with a drink in the evening. The first dose 0.5 tsp pelin. 1.5 tsp tincture is taken and grass should be increased slowly with him until the end of the complex treatment.

You need to accept the cloves in the morning for a month. Clove is first taken 1/day, the dose is increased slowly in the days 3 and 10.

Herbal infusion to the list

The properties of herbs to use for cleansing the body. Also destruction of parasites, be they positive affect, BOWEL Detox, intestinal and improves functioning of the liver. The herbs used for the following types of:

  1. Worm grass – the most powerful plant parasites. Thanks to its content such features that occur in plants. He's alive helminth paralyzing effect. The flower of this plant pharmaceutical manufacturing. A tincture you will need 1 tbsp dry Apple blossom, Artemisia poured a cup of boiled water. Drain thoroughly and insist on necessary hours of boiling and cool. Medication three times a day half an hour before meals. To get rid of intestinal worms, an infusion is required to drink 21 days.
  2. A speedy recovery thanks to Pelin invasion. 2 teaspoons a cup of boiling water required for the plant. wormwood poured boiling water, cover tightly and service, give up, stop, about an hour. You need to drink the infusion every day for 14 days, 15 minutes after every meal.
  3. Datura seed. Imported vehicle, a non-standard way. Dry stalks of the plant datura is placed a metal baking sheet, bake. Grass stalks begin when allocated to smoke, get them on the bow. End the procedure and the Kurdish drunk when symptoms start out from the body.
  4. Oak bark. You will need a shell in a glass with 200 ml boiling water, to insist on the need for a vehicle about six hours later, drain thoroughly. It would accept the infusion in the morning on an empty stomach, treatment should continue for 21 days.
  5. Yarrow. Whether an action, that is most effective for diseases of the digestive system, skin, infectious diseases. To eat pour 200 ml of boiling water 1 tablespoon dried yarrow, and you need to take the drug. The infusion obtained cover and hold on for a few hours, then drain and cool. Tool ready, drink twice a day, morning and evening on an empty stomach.
  6. Stinging nettle. The excretion of parasites from the body is used for the plants roots. The roots that are placed in the ground, pots, pour a glass of water. The prepared infusion in a water bath. Остужают filter and then to cook. Need to drink juice on an empty stomach twice a day.

Buy natural herbs into equal parts 1 tbsp. l: пижмы chichewa, Mint leaf, mugwort, Valerian roots, buckthorn (bark). Required for additional 1.5 tablespoons of mixture. l carrot seed. Volume of the resulting mixture is taken 2 tbsp. l 200 ml boiling water is poured. Infusion time of four hours, then drain. You need to accept in 200 ml of medication twice a day. The duration of treatment is three days.


Herbal treatment only implied. Enema noise out quickly and effectively, plant-based. Regular use helps bring even their eggs. Enema only applicable for adults but also children. The most common solutions used for preparation of worm grass. You will need 500 ml of wormwood and 1 tablespoon of boiling water. You should insist for 15 minutes after cooling, the drug is ready for use.


Some herbs can be dangerous for a person that's why pregnancy is low and even can damage the ability. You cannot herbs and in some cases, the digestive system, liver and kidney.