Werewolf – symptoms and treatment

Gulistan attack of the body this infection or Helminthiasis parasites. Every human can be infected with intestinal worms – home appliances with the animal, unwashed hands, raw fish or meat. From these sources a large amount, therefore, difficult and almost impossible to preserve the word helminth walk in real life. Under the guise of other intestinal worms infection disease is usually self – disorder, the digestive system, loss of vision, diseases, liver and other internal organs. This road is assigned a complicated process inefficiency diagnostics and treatment.

The main types of intestinal worms


About 250 kinds of helminth in nature. For some of the conditions necessary for each of them their own existence and development. Kurt different size, shape, and other characteristic symptoms. This classification still occur until the end of the parasites and is approved by scientists. Separation may be based on intestinal worms and soil. This is actually a complex classification of parasites.

In these countries, mid-latitude moderate climatic conditions you can count on more than 20 helminth species, roughly divided into three groups, depending on appearance and shape:

  • Round (round worms);
  • Ribbon (of sestod);
  • Flat (trematodes).

Signs and symptoms of human intestinal worms

Wolves, parasites in humans, in a real sense, "suck" all the power to him. If they are showing the first signs of the body in worms, is expressed by chronic fatigue, sudden weight loss development or loss of appetite. Helminths itching in the anal region shows the hole still possible.

The body may be symptoms of parasitic infection, and the indirect characteristic symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases, neurosis, dermatological diseases and allergies. This can be:

  • Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, constipation, diarrhea;
  • Constant fatigue, weakness, headache, fever, drowsiness, apathy, insomnia;
  • The structure of the violation, hair and nail, runny nose, hives, itchy skin rashes, dry spasmodic cough, bronchospasm;
  • A defeat on a background of a weak immune system of the body of various infectious diseases and inflammatory processes (acute and chronic disease is reduced, the body's defense, and he and pathogenic microbes and dying the perfect destination for Reproductive infection).

Diagnosis of intestinal worms in the human body

The previously used two methods to detect and in the body: duodenal drilling and analysis of feces, urine, saliva, depending on the object detection in all kinds of helminth eggs. The description of these methods was not perfect because the human factor has played a major role in the studies. A lab technician professionalism and skill analysis that was tied directly to the results that I did. You can see the parasites symptoms become an expert inexperienced test material.

Pulled out of Science, and helminthic invasions are now more informative and accurate diagnostic methods immunological biomaterial research by giving a chance to, antibodies and antigens in the blood with high accuracy to load the content of different helminth species. Like this:

symptoms of intestinal worms
  • ELISA (enzyme immunoassay analysis of the Wolf). The results of this method accuracy of 90%. This is working and indicates whether parasite eggs, worms, and appearance development in the body of a loop, was applied.
  • ELISA tests show a reaction to parasites from infecting the body in a specially designed test. This method is independent. ELISA must be used (Research Laboratory microscopic examination).
  • Serological methods (REEF, Phragmites, DGC, RAHL). Of these methods, the most common diagnosis during the acute phase of helminthiasis.
  • ULTRASOUND, X-rays, internal organs.
  • Computed tomography (CT), endoscopy.
  • PCR detection of the invasions of the body, intracellular parasites and protozoa.
  • Bioresonance diagnostics – specific research that provides to calculate the characteristic frequencies of the interference in the body early.

Treatment of adult worms in a human

Intestinal worms, in nature there are many types helminthic invasions so naive to believe in a miracle it's just a date tablet delivery the body. Helminthiasis treatment, adult a number of means and procedures strict compliance with drugs, dr all suggestions and personal hygiene. The drug is individually selected intestinal worms, helminth identified according to the results of research and kinds.

Pill for human intestinal worms

This can be how the pill or other against many kinds for the destruction of helminth distributed in latitudes, separate the parasite. The most common drugs a broad application of the worms based on four main active ingredients:

  • Based Pyrantel – treat ascariasis, trichuriasis, and others;
  • Cisplatin based – drug-is effective in cases of the body to parasites of all kinds; hotel, the main action, there is a remedy immune properties;
  • Albendazole the active ingredient in the foundation – working for a widely practiced treatment stages infection;
  • Other substances based drugs are effective in treating various groups.

Folk remedies intestinal worms

Only medical drugs can help understand intestinal worms from the body. I've got everything planned out in advance in nature and the guy that gave it the opportunity to get rid of parasites, and plant and fruit. There is a mass in folk medicine, recipes, treatment for helminthic infestation. The most common among them can be distinguished:

  • One pelin – pounded dry matter is used in the form of powder or cooked simmer. Dry leaf give a strong pain on them to get better honey. Cooking, boiling 2 tablespoons raw pour 0.5 liters need boiling water and boil on low heat for 15 minutes. Decoction is prepared as an infusion, only you don't need the brew. The tincture is prepared with alcohol: a half-liter of vodka to get 100 grams of dried leaf, mugwort and put it on for a week to pour a dark, cool place.
  • Most of the tansy – flowered plants and seeds that are used for the treatment and Prevention. One tablespoon of Tansy pour a glass of boiling seeds. Insist until cool. An infusion of the flowers is prepared as follows: half a pint boiling water cup dried flowers necessary. Stick to it until the potion until it cools off to room temperature, and strain gauze or a bandage.
  • - Based ginger – raw ginger root tea with honey the most delicious and effective folk methods for treatment of helminthiasis. Just a tbsp of the prepared beverage or 30 – 50 grams of fresh chopped ginger root, pour boiling water and leave to cool temperature 6uzerinde degrees. Dilute the honey to a hot drink, we're just passing through or dryness, drinking tea.
  • Dry powder for infusion, cloves, coriander – a dry powder 50-60 grams cup of boiling water. Must have Dem in a warm place for about an hour and this tool to. Potion capacity possible Tue warm with a kitchen towel.
  • Garlic – applied all kinds: boiled, fried, raw. Better add raw crushed garlic, fresh salads and other dishes because it contains more useful substances for as as "" I don't like parasites.

Enema is the place

Also, meat juices, liqueurs and other folk remedies, self-medication is used for cleansing enema. In the event that it is considered, thanks to this process, Local Action, higher, more the implementation of oral drugs, at the same time, there are virtually no side effects such a treatment. Enemas are used for:

  • Tincture of garlic – crushed garlic mash mixed with water and poured warm, not hot, boiling water and insist about half an hour. A medium head of garlic for a glass of warm water. A large scope of food provided in compliance rates.
  • Tansy infusion – pour 0.5 liters of boiling water spoon dry flowers, cover. a warm towel or a warm place to put it and insist minutes and 40 – 50. Use infusion for the enema must be at the temperature of 36 – 37 degrees Celsius.
  • The infusion of dried tarragon – a must for cooking 50 grams of dried, crushed leaves into powder pour boiling water and leave to cool. This tool is very tight, it's so bad.

Infection prevention intestinal worms

The environment for parasites to live, and who lives with a man. The risk of infection is always high. This is good for preventing intestinal worms. Gotta preventive measures regularly because of a different kind interference, individual development cycle.

As such, the treatment and Prevention all members of the family is accomplished at the same time. The prevention against drugs, it is better to give preference to this toxic folk remedies such as garlic, pumpkin seeds, Wormwood decoction, as well as to try to avoid possible infection foci of intestinal worms. Methods of prevention refers to:

Wolf prevention
  • Hygiene – hand washing with soap and water after toilet, before and after food intake, public places and transport, use, and share personal towels, special soaps, linens and lingerie;
  • Eating only thoroughly washed fruits, vegetables and products driven heat treatment;
  • Disposal installations, especially in the kitchen, all kinds of insects (mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches), or helminth eggs on the feet of jalhay tolerate;
  • Drink water to prevent from untrusted sources; tap water should not be consumed;
  • Medical prevention – application of an anthelmintic drug on a regular basis 4 — 6 months outdoor exposure as a preventive measure or when at risk of is used to treat the same drugs, just less dosage.